John Papademetriou

John has been a Licensee with Affiliated Business Brokers since inception in 2015, he was
the first licensee in the group and trades under the name, ABB Alliance. He is based in Cape
Town and has successfully brokered many transactions within the Greater Cape Town

Having been in business, franchised and independent, for the better part of 30 years, John
has built up vast knowledge and experience in the small to medium business sector. His
business background was predominantly in the Retail and Hospitality sectors where service
is paramount and as such has strong customer and attention to detail skills. He has owned a
number of businesses over the years, successfully managed and sold them. John has also
consulted in the Hospitality industry for 4 years. He is well versed at the financial intricacies
required when owning a business and is able to assist accordingly especially when it comes
to reading into the actual profitability of a business. Over his many years in business, John
has built up a vast network of acquaintances and this has provided an extensive database of
potential Buyers and Sellers. John is outgoing, enjoys travel and experiencing different
cultures, is an avid reader, has a passion for nature, the outdoors and golf.

John’s knowledge and experience in the brokerage industry will provide Buyers and Sellers
with a seamless transaction and a win, win outcome for all.
In closing, John has this to say …………… “Wisdom is the product of time & experience”

I have, over my thirty years in the small business environment come to realise that wisdom
truly is the product of time and experience. The most valuable business experiences one can
have, are not the smooth sailing ones, but rather the rough sea experiences. I have learnt
from many a ‘rough sea’ experience. Wisdom gained And own business experience enables
me to assist others as they enter or exit the business environment.
A well know investor once said – “Going into business is akin to marriage, don’t rush into
marriage, take your time”


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