Part 3: How to buy a business safely

When you know what sort of business you can run, how much you can afford to pay for it and how profitable it should be, it is time to start looking. Where to start looking. Follow Social Media, placed both by brokers and private sellers. There are always hundreds of...

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Part 2: Forget the hype about being the boss!

The person who is serious about buying a business must forget all the perceived glamour about “being their own boss”.  Be prepared to make the sacrifices and put in the hard work required to be successful.  How do I start? First establish the answers to the following...

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Part 1: Buying & Selling Going Concerns

Abundant literature exists on starting a small business from scratch.  But there is little on buying a going concern, not to mention selling one.  I will try to shepherd you through the maze of buying and selling a small/medium sized concern.  You will meet the...

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